Loop Jam Rec for Organelle

There's a new Organelle patch in town! Loop Jam Rec is a live-sampling and looping patch great for recording custom samples and creating compositions with them on the fly! Download here: http://organelle.io  It also features a new ‘keyboard’ on the OLED screen so you can see which keys are looping/sequencing: Pro tip:...

02 June 2018 by Media Media

Rise of the Pocket Synthesizer - Red Bull Music Academy, Owen, & Organelle

Great read about the rise of portable instruments from Red Bull Music Academy! Thanks for including the Organelle - we're in such great company!   More here: Rise of the Pocket Synthesizer - Red Bull Music Academy  

24 May 2018 by Media Media

New Instrument Demo!

We are happy to announce the first demo of our forthcoming instrument: the ONDA! The first look at the ONDA, a new musical instrument computer that runs patches that can mimic a variety of behaviors, from simple synths to complex algorithmic generators. With an open platform as it’s base, it possesses...

18 May 2018 by Media Media

Orac for the Organelle

Organelle developer extraordinaire Mark Harris aka @thetechnobear has just released a new framework for creating music on the Organelle. Orac allows you to string together multiple combinations of patches on the Organelle itself, without having to program in Pure Data. Mark has modularized many of the unique sequencers, synthesizers, samplers,...

14 May 2018 by Media Media

Euclidean Rhythms for Organelle!

This Organelle patch is a looping 16-step Euclidean Rhythm machine with an 8-voice sample player. A Euclidean Rhythm is an even division of beats within a measure, or as close to even as possible. This is a simple but powerful musical idea, especially when there are many ‘voices’ playing a...

08 May 2018 by Media Media

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