New Patch Friday: Countdown Timer

18 November 2016 by Owen Osborn

 We made this patch a while ago as a demonstration of an uncommon functionality.  Not many musical instruments double as an alarm clock!  With Thanksgiving next week, we thought this might come in handy in the kitchen, so we polished it up and posted it.  The idea is simple: set the time with 3 knobs (hours, minutes, and seconds)  and then press the Aux button to begin counting down.  When the timer runs out, the alarm bells sound! The fourth knob controls the volume of a tick tock sound, and they keys also play a simple synth tone for fun.

Although this patch may be more of a novelty than musically useful, it might come in handy under certain circumstances.  All of the sounds (the tick tock and alarm bells)  may be replaced with your own .wav files.  So you can really have any sound loop for a certain amount of time and then something else start sounding when the timer runs out, like when it is time to get on stage.  

Download Countdown Timer