New Patch Friday: Drummy

04 November 2016 by Owen Osborn

The last 3 sample playing patches we posted are fun, but Organelle is also a great synth!  This drum synthesizer takes a new approach to the Organelle keyboard: adjust each key's sound individually. 


Download Drummy 

Tune up a different drum sound on each key, and then record a sequence. Drummy lets you prepare a sound for each key. Tap on the keys to play, and to change a sound press and hold the key. The LED will become white and you are now in drum edit mode! Use the knobs to adjust the drum sound. There is also a secret function for copying a sound from one key to another: in drum edit mode hold one key down while pressing a second. The second key now sounds like the first and you can adjust from there, which is great for creating a few similar sounding keys. When you are done editing the sounds, press the Aux button to return to normal mode. Now the knobs control some overall effects: a modulation oscillator and reverb. In normal mode the Aux button functions as a sequencer: press and hold to record enable. 

We are excited about the way this turned out because the same idea could be applied to other types of percussion synths or samplers.  (Although not great for non-percussive sounds, because if you hold a key down you will enter edit mode.  This would not be ideal if you were playing, for example, an organ!)  If you are into editing patches for the Organelle, this one is a good starting point for any kind of prepared percussion patch:  swap in your synth voice and effects while retaining the overall functionality.