New Patch Friday: Randomizing Sample Player

21 October 2016 by Owen Osborn

Today we begin a new weekly schedule for releasing patches for the Organelle!   Every Friday we will post a new Organelle patch to add to the instrument's growing repertoire of musical possibility.  As the Organelle can function in so many different ways, there are many ideas we are eager to explore.   Now on to this week's patch:  h Rando.



h Rando is a randomizing sample player.   Each key on the Organelle plays 1 of 4 possible samples.  You can use the samples that come with the patch, or you can replace them with your own.  (this video shows how easy it is to add your own sounds to the Organelle's sample playing patches).  The effect of random samples will vary greatly depending on the samples you choose.  For example, you could choose 4 sounds that are the same except for slight changes in volume.  When you hit this key, you will hear the random volume fluctuations, giving a more human feel.  Or you can add very different sounds and create sequences that never sound the same way twice.

There are global controls for sample speed, decay, and filter on the knobs and the Aux button controls a sequencer.  If you have a footswitch handy,  you can use it to add up to 4 layers to the sequence!

The sounds that come with the patch are a lot of fun too, a carefully assembled set by Chris Powell (@powserati).


Sample set all finished for new Organelle patch. Four track sequencer. Each key plays up to four samples in random order. Super sick sounding filter. Posting link to new patch this afternoon. #Organelle @critterguitari 🎛☮⚡️

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