Organelle OS Update

14 July 2017 by Owen Osborn

The latest Organelle OS update and an updated manual are now available.

This v2.1 update features many small fixes and some big new features.  The update is available as a regular Organelle patch.  Download here.

To update simply download and run the patch. You will be prompted to press Aux button to start update. The Organelle shuts down after the update and you will have re-apply power.

Select Info in the System menu and it should say version 2.1

The following improvements and features are also covered in the new manual.

Fixes and Improvements:

New Features

Example Patches

We are also releasing two new patches that demonstrate using the encoder selector in a patch. Multi Page Template documents a system we created for making a 4 page patch that also utilizes the new Save and Save New commands in the System menu to save its parameters. Multi Page Synth uses the same 4 page menu to create a multi page analog style synthesizer.