Pocket Piano on Hannibal Burress's Handsome Rambler Podcast

06 October 2017 by Owen Osborn

We never know where our instruments will end up! Producer Roofeeo brought one to an episode of Hannibal Burress's Handsome Rambler podcast. It's used in many improv songs! Definitely worth a listen! Full show here: https://soundcloud.com/handsomerambler/41-the-roofeeo-episode

New episode of @hannibalburess @HandsomeRambler with our good buddy @Roofeeo is up. @Roofeeo on the @CritterGuitari https://t.co/QHTlAlqxuU pic.twitter.com/0nqstfLMnI

— Tony Trimm (@TonyTrimm) October 5, 2017